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Lesson for Sunday, 3/29/20
We’re going to continue with this video series from The Bible Project for now. We’ll be back on Zoom on Wednesday. Watch this video (it’s about five minutes long), then read through the verses and discuss the questions below as a family. 

First Reading: Genesis 2:1-3
  • Why do you think God rested on the seventh day?
  • Part of that seventh day rest is about filling a sacred space with God’s presence and celebrating the abundance of his creation. Sabbath is a way for God’s people to remember that, What are some simple things that you can celebrate and be grateful for right now? Who can you share that with this week?
Second Reading: Exodus 16:1-36
  • Keeping the Sabbath means resting from work. But work is a productive and good thing, so why would God command a rest from work?
  • The first Sabbath took place in a time of scarcity. God wants Israel not to hoard or try to control, but trust in him, In what ways do you try to control things in your life that are not in your control? Take a moment to let go of these things and commit to trusting in God to provide instead.
Third Reading: Matthew 11:28-12:14
  • Jesus says that rest is found in him. What does that mean for us in practice?
  • What brings you life, makes you thrive, and/or allows you to trust and rest in God?
  • Jesus wasn’t doing away with the concept of Sabbath but was redefining what it meant: mercy, harmony, and wholeness (not legalism). How does this change how you think about resting in our current situation?
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