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Hopelight Medical Clinic
Hopelight Medical Clinic provides extremely low-cost or free primary care in an outpatient setting. Our clinic provides family medicine care for all members of the family. Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with patients and to act as the essential medical providers for members of the greater Longmont community who are uninsured, on Medicaid / Medicare, or do not have access to other providers regardless of their background, creed or beliefs. This includes young adults, families with children, and adults with chronic diseases.
Hopelight Behavioral Health
Are you a parent of a child with a developmental disability or autism? Are you the parent of a student who struggles with challenging behavior at school and/or at home? Are you facing the challenge of changing your own behavior to positively impact your own physical and/or emotional health and wellness? Let the caring professional team at Hopelight Behavioral Health partner with you to build a brighter tomorrow. Hopelight Behavioral Health offers a range of services that support positive behavioral choices for a wide variety of individuals in many walks of life.
The elders of the Longmont Church of Christ believe in sharing the good news and helping others to know Jesus. Our elders have always allocated a disproportionate amount of our resources to missionaries in foreign countries. Currently, we are involved in helping international missionaries in Austria and India. Visit our Missions page for more details about the missionary families we are partnering with in these countries.
Mountain States Children’s Home
Mountain States Children’s Home is a children’s home that serves to provide healing and restoration for wounded children. MSCH offers a depth of care that is far more comprehensive than what stand-alone counseling services, typical group homes, or even many foster or kindred care homes can provide. Children are placed in a safe and secure environment in loving family homes to build them up in every aspect of their lives.
Hopelight Counseling Center has a full-time LPC, Debby Nickens who offers counseling services for children, teens, and adults. We also have a couple of part-time counselors who provide services for a variety of needs including addiction, depression, and anxiety. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our counselors, please call Hopelight Counseling Center at 720-645-3377. Hopelight Counseling Center accepts health insurance, Medicaid and self-pay on a sliding scale.
English Classes
Hopelight offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. The skills gained in Hopelight’s ESL classes help students communicate on the job, while shopping, in family life, and in many other venues. The classes meet twice a week, Monday-Thursday at 9AM or 6:30 PM. One of our current students says, “Hopelight’s English classes are like no other program in Longmont – I feel like I’m learning skills that I can use in my daily life!”
CPR Classes
We are an authorized provider of American Red Cross CPR, AED, First Aid and Basic Life Support classes, courses, training and certification, all based on American Heart Association guidelines. At Longmont CPR most of our trainers are highly experienced instructors who have firefighter experience. We try to keep our CPR/AED and First Aid class sizes intentionally small, so you get the personal attention you need and deserve. Most of our trainers have years of experience in live rescue as firefighters and EMT personnel, and have used the skills taught during the class in actual emergencies.
Fitness Program
The Fitness Program offers a variety of classes to get you inspired and moving! Our classes challenge your heart, soul, mind, and strength as they include not only exercise, but wellness education and a focus on God. The fitness program offers everything from Christian yoga to early morning circuit training classes. Each class is taught by a certified instructor. Several classes focus on seniors and their well-being.