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The elders of the Longmont Church of Christ believe in sharing the good news and helping others to know Jesus. Our elders have always allocated a disproportionate amount of our resources to missionaries in foreign countries. Currently, we are involved in helping international missionaries in Austria. Belgium, and India. If you’d like more information or would like to be a part of any of these mission efforts, please contact the appropriate liaison.

Jake and Amanda Haskew
We’re especially proud of this family, as Jake grew up in our church, and his parents still worship with us. He met Amanda at Oklahoma Christian University, received his Electrical Engineering undergraduate degree in 2000, married Amanda in 2000, and completed his Masters of Business Administration degree in 2001. Jake worked as a Radio Frequency Engineer for seven years. When Jake and Amanda were approached to join a mission team to Vienna, Austria they felt God had prepared and called them to go. They joined the team of three other young couples/families and committed to a five-year plan of modeling a better way to the people they would meet in Vienna, Austria. Why Vienna? According to a group of approximately 35 current and former Christian workers in Europe, Vienna is one of the top ten cities in Europe in need of a church plant. Vienna is a city with almost 2 million people, lies in the heart of Europe, and serves as a bridge between eastern and western Europe. Young adults in Europe are more open to spiritual discussions and in the area of the city Jake and Amanda live, the average age is less than 45. The elders of the Memorial Road Church of Christ act as the sponsoring congregation and are joined by others providing support for the mission. Since Jake and Amanda arrived in 2007 a house church has been planted and various ministries started. In addition, since 2015, they have been working with refugees along with community and aid organizations. The Haskews plan is to continue planting house churches and help organize a pattern of planting, discipleship, and self sustainment and replication. Members of the Longmont Church of Christ have been helping the Haskews since 2007. If you would like to know more about this work, please contact the Haskews’ liaisons (who just happen to be Jake’s parents!).
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Longmont Church of Christ Liaison: Steve and Anne Haskew
Jake and Amanda Haskew

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Paul and Dorothy Renganathan
Paul, a native of Kottara, India, found a better way when he was converted to Christ in 1970. Having been disowned by his Hindu family, he began studying at Faith Theological Seminary (1970-1972) and at Southern Asia Bible College in (1973-1975). In 1976, he began teaching at Siloam Bible College and preached full-time for the church at Sanatorium.

For 28 years, Paul has traveled over much of India, establishing churches as he goes. Early on, as the numb

er of his converts and churches grew, he realized the need for the training of new converts who wanted to become ministers. This led to his establishing the World Bible College in Chennai. Through Paul’s and Dorothy’s tireless work, the Church of Christ in India has grown from its four members of 1985 to over 40,000 today. In addition to the Bible College (now educating 100 ministers per year), Paul’s mission efforts include: a Mobile Health Clinic, Mobile Gospel Teams, eight Children’s Homes, a wheelchair distribution service, and a free elementary and high school for the Untouchables and others unable to afford education in India, and a wide distribution of free Bibles and hymnals.

Individual members of the Longmont Church of Christ have been helping the Renganathans since 1990, and the elders have allocated money from church funds for his support since 1993. If you would like to know more about this work, please contact the Renganathans’ liaison.
Longmont Church of Christ Liaison: Daryl Miller
Paul and Dorthy Renganathan
No. 7 Abith Nagar Choolaimedu, Chennai, India 600 094 phone: +91-44-23744003 e-mail: or
Roy and Rita Davison
Roy Davison has had a burning desire to tell others about a better way since he was 14, when he preached his first sermon. After graduating from Abilene Christian College in 1961, he preached in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada while making preparations to go to Holland in the fall of 1963. He had studied Dutch for two years before going, and he took regular lessons for the first five years on the field. In Holland he helped in Utrecht and Amsterdam, until he moved to Belgium in the fall of 1965 to be the first full-time worker of churches of Christ in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking, northern half of Belgium). In 1968 he married Rita Lewis (Bob’s sister) with whom he had attended high school at Radville Christian College in Saskatchewan. She joined him in Belgium and has been a valuable asset to him and his work since. For 45 years, Roy has traveled about Belgium showing people a better way by pointing them to Christ, who is the only way. Roy’s main area of concern has been the formation of new congregations and the training of local leadership in those congregations. As a result, he’s established six congregations in Belgium and Holland. At present there are nine congregations in Flanders and three in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Roy recognized early on what a boon the Internet could be in helping people throughout the world to find a better way. He now publishes web sites in Dutch, French, German, Russian and English. The Old Paths Archive is consulted by more than 1,000 people each day. Roy works regularly with the church in Burcht, across the river from Antwerp, and preaches once each month for the congregations in Brussels and Eindhoven, Holland. The Longmont Church of Christ has been helping the Davisons since 1989. If you would like to know more about this work, please contact Roy’s liaison. Send Roy an email directly if you would like to receive regular reports by email.
Longmont Church of Christ Liaison: Daryl Miller
Roy and Rita Davison

Snoekstraat 69 Alken, Belgium EUROPE Phone: +32 11 314111 E-mail: or