Wellness Program


The Longmont Church of Christ is a loving non-denominational community of faith in Longmont, Colorado. Children, teens, singles, couples, young families and retired people call this congregation family. Our goal is to honor God through worship and concern for those in spiritual, emotional, and physical need. We study, pray and serve God and the community together.

Come and join us . . . and see how good the Lord is!

recent news

05.2.16 Monday: Circuit Training 7am, M.O.R.E. 10am, Walking Class 11am, Core 26 Yoga 3:45pm

05.3.16 Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt 7am, Ladies's Bible Class 10am, Hopelight Medical Clinic 10am-4pm, M.O.R.E. 3:45pm, Yoga Flow 5:30pm

05.4.16 Wednesday: Circuit Training 7am, Chair Yoga 10am, Walking Class 11am, Hopelight Medical Clinic 12pm-7pm, Yoga Flow 3:45pm, Healthy Habits Support Group 5:45pm, Bible Class 7pm

05.5.16 Thursday: Cardio Sculpt 7am, M.O.R.E. 10am, Hopelight Medical Clinic 1-4pm, M.O.R.E. 3:45pm, Yoga Flow 5:30pm

05.6.16 Friday: Circuit Training 7am, Walking Class 11am

05.7.16 Saturday:  Men's Breakfast 8am, Titus 2 at 10am, LTC 4:30pm

05.8.16 Sunday: Happy Mother's Day, Bible Class 9am, Worship 10am

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